Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

1.    General Rules

The following is not part of the Constitution.  Rules and Regulations can be amended at any general meeting, upon a two-thirds majority vote.

In cases where the club has no applicable rule then OSA (Ontario Soccer Association)/FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) rules will apply.

        1. Age Divisions                    6. Uniforms                           

        2. Players                              7. Assembling

        3. Team                                 8. Coaches

        4. Game                                9. Discipline

        5. Officials                              


1.1    Age Divisions

1.1.1        Definition: Under age divisions, refer to those who are less than that age as of January first of the year of the current outdoor season, e.g. under 11 (U11) means that the player must be 10 years old on December 31st of the previous year and not turn 11 until January 1st or later.

1.1.2        Proof of Birth: Proof of birth must be provided:

        a.   when the player first registers with the club

        b.   when registering after a lapse of membership or

        c.   at the request of the club. 

1.1.3        Registering Players in an Age Division: Players should play in the Division corresponding with the age they reach in the calendar year of the current outdoor season.

1.1.4        Divisions: 

a.   Where possible age divisions will be single age.  If required divisions may be created with two year increments.

b.   The Orillia & District Soccer Club has a co-ed house league


1.2    Players

1.2.1        Registration: To register with the club players or parents/guardians must:

        a.    Complete and sign a current registration form

        b.    Supply proof of age

        c.    Pay the set registration fee

i)     Fees will be determined each year by the executive

  ii)     Returned cheques-an administration fee will be applied to all returned cheques. Registration fee plus the administration fee must be paid in cash.

  iii)     Registration fee includes a $10.00 fundraising fee that is non-refundable.

  iv)     Players will be denied registration if there are any outstanding fees owed to the club.

  v)      Post-dated cheques for base registration will not be accepted.

            d.    The club offers a pre-registration as a courtesy to last year’s players.

        i)      A late registration fee will be in effect upon completion of the                        open registration.

           ii)     Registrations post marked after the last open registration will be                        returned for resubmission with the applicable late fee.

                                e.    The club cannot guarantee special requests.

1.2.2        Eligibility:  Only those players properly registered with, and not under suspension by, the club, another club or league may play.  Any player who has not completed game suspensions from the previous season may register but must serve the suspension before being allowed to play.


1.2.3        Late Registrations:  Late registrations may be accepted at the discretion of the Executive or its delegate.


1.2.4        Refunds:  All requests for refunds must be in writing. 

a.      The fund raising portion ($10.00) of the registration fee is non-refundable

b.      Refunds are subject to a $20.00 administration fee

c.      After April 1st if a travel team has to withdraw from a league due players registering with another club.  Any   penalties incurred by the club will be withheld equally from refunds.

d.      Uniforms must be returned before a refund will be issued

e.      There will be no refunds after July 1st.


1.2.5        Registering for a Team: A player can be registered for only one team.


1.2.6        Playing Out of Age Division:  A player may only play up an age group with the approval of the executive.  A player may only play down an age if there are special needs to be accommodated.


1.2.7        Playing Time: It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that all players on their team are given equal and reasonable amounts of playing time in each game.


1.2.8        Playing for a Representative Team:   A house league player may only play a maximum of five (5) games on a representative team. 


1.3.   Teams

1.3.1        The numbers of players assigned to each team shall be a maximum of:

a. Micro outdoor house league            twelve (12)

b. Mini outdoor house league              fourteen (14)

c. Youth outdoor house league           eighteen (18)


1.3.2        Teams must have the approval of the Director of House League before entering tournaments.

1.3.3        Teams must have the approval of the Director of House League before playing any exhibition games.


1.4    Game


1.4.1       Season:   League play will start during the week following the May long weekend.

i)    Non competitive house league divisions 5U - 7U regular   league games with no playoffs.

ii)    Competitive house league division 8U - 18U regular league games with playoffs.



1.4.2        Game length, ball size & half time interval:   

Age Division

Length of Half

Ball Size

Half Time Interval

4 & under

15 minutes


5 minutes

5 to 7 under

20 minutes


5 minutes

8 & under

25 minutes


5 minutes

9 & 10 under

30 minutes


10 minute

11 & 12 under

35 minutes


10 minutes

13 & 14 under

40 minutes


10 minutes

15 to18 & under

45 minutes


10 minutes

Adult divisions

45 minutes


10 minutes

Where Divisions contain more than one age group, the game length, ball size and half time interval shall be that of the older age group.  The duration of a game may only be altered with the agreement of both coaches and the referee (if applicable) before the start of the game.  Both halves must be of equal duration.

1.4.3        Players  

 Age Division   

# of Players Incl. Goalie

  6 & Under                        3
  7 & Under                                 5
  8 & 9 Under                        7
  10 & 11 Under                        9
  12 & Under to 22 and over                        11

1.4.4        Applicable Rules:

           i)   5U, 6U and 7U games will be played in accordance with micro soccer rules.

           ii)   8U to 11U games will be played in accordance with mini soccer rules. 

           iii)  Games in the remaining divisions will be played in accordance with the laws published by the Federation of Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) except as specified by Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) rules.

1.4.5        Complete Game:  A game shall be considered complete when two thirds (2/3) plus of a game has elapsed.

1.4.6        Default: A game will be considered a default if a team is unable to field the minimum number of players required within a grace period of twenty minutes following the predetermined kickoff time.

1.4.7        Abandoning: Referees; have the discretionary power to abandon a game due to lightning, dangerous field conditions or darkness.

1.4.8        Referee no show:  A 10 minute wait period is required for a Referee to be declared a ‘no show’.  The Referee in Chief must be notified.  If there is no Referee then the coach of the home team or their delegate will referee the first half and the coach of the away team or their delegate will referee the second half. On agreement either coach or their delegate may referee the complete game.

1.4.9.     Substitutions: For 5U - 8U substitutions may be made on any stoppage of play.  For 9U, substitutions may be made on own throw-in, goal, goal kicks, injury or half time.  All other divisions may change players with the Referee’s permission, only on a goal, goal kicks, own throw-ins, injury or half time.

              To assist the Referee all substitutions should be made from the half field line.

1.4.10    Points Awarded: In divisions where team standings are kept a win will equal three (3) points and a tie will equal one (1) point.


1.5          Game Officials

1.5.1     League Games: A referee will be provided for all scheduled league games in every division with the exception of 5U, 6U and 7U where coaches are allowed on the field.

1.5.2     Age of Referee: A referee shall be at least 2 years older than the age group               being refereed.

1.5.3        Responsibilities: 

i)    Referees shall ensure that they are at the field 10 minutes prior to kickoff

ii)    Referees are responsible for the enforcement of field regulations

iii)   Referees are responsible for the conduct of the game from the time they enter the playing area until such time as they leave the vicinity of the playing area.

iv)   Referees will ensure that conditions of both field and weather for outdoor games are safe prior to the start of play according to O.S.A. guidelines.

v)    Referees shall dress in accordance with OSRA regulations.

1.5.4    Reimbursement (01/15):

Referees shall be paid in accordance with a scale of pay as established by the Board. Payments shall be made to referees in accordance with the scheduling program used by the CHR (Club Head Referee). Any payment of greater than $50 will be made by cheque at the end of each pay period (pay period as determined by Club Head Referee). Payments of $50 or less may be in cash (at the discretion of the CHR and Club Administrator) but if payment is in cash, it shall be tracked (acknowledged by signature authorized by the referee getting paid or other method approved by the CHR and Club Administrator).

1.5.5 OSA Registration Fee Reimbursement (01/15):

ODSC (Orillia and District Soccer Club) will reimburse referees at the end of the refereeing season provided they perform a minimum number of referee assignments for the ODSC. ‘Refereeing Assignments’ that count toward reimbursement shall only include games payable to ODSC, as well games where a referee is acting as a referee mentor for ODSC. Referees are not eligible to be reimbursed by ODSC for OSA registration fees if they are being reimbursed such fees by another Club or source. Minimum assignments are as follows:

a) For referees 18 years of age and younger (as of OSA registration date of March 31), the referee must complete a minimum of (8) eight games/assignments for the Club.

b) For referees over 18 years of age (as of OSA registration date of March 31), the referee must complete a minimum of (12) twelve games/assignments for the Club.

1.5.6        Scheduling: The Club’s Referee in Chief (CRC) shall be responsible for the scheduling of Referees.  At his or her discretion the CRC may designate a scheduler in their place.

1.5.7    Championship Games: A referee and two (2) linesmen will be provided for all Championship games.

1.5.8    Referee No Show:                    see section 1.4.8

1.5.9    Abandoning a Game:              see section 1.4.7


1.6    Uniforms 

1.6.1        ODSC Provided:  ODSC will provide each player with a shirt/jersey, shorts and a pair of socks.

1.6.2        Mandatory Apparel: All players must wear shin-guards, covered by socks, Jerseys are to be worn tucked into shorts. Numbers must be visible.  Footwear must be either running shoes or approved soccer shoes.  No metal cleats will be allowed.

1.6.3        Non Compliant Apparel:  Footwear, not complying with section 1.6.2, clothing, jewellery, or anything constituting a hazard will not be allowed.

1.6.4    Referee Uniform Reimbursement (01/15): 

ODSC will reimburse new referees for one half (50%) of the reasonable cost of their initial referee uniform kit. To be eligible for the reimbursement, the new referee must:

a) Be under 18 years of age (as of OSA registration date of March 31),

b) Complete a minimum of (6) six ODSC Club game assignments for the Club. ‘Club Game’ must be assignments by ODSC; house league, travel or exhibition, as assigned by CHR.

c) Not be receiving a subsidy or contribution for uniform from any other Club or source.


1.7    Assembling:

1.7.1        Problems with Assembling:   If there is a problem, the referee can ask spectators to go to the opposite side of the field from the players.

1.7.2        Teams:  Where possible coaches should assemble their teams on opposite sides of the pitch.

1.7.3        Allowed on field:  Coaches and parents are not allowed on the field unless summoned by the Referee.  The exception being, 5U - 7U, where one coach from each team is allowed on the field during play.


1.8    Coaches:

1.8.1        Responsibilities:  Coaches are responsible for

i) communication within the team,

ii) ensuring that players and parents/guardians are aware of the Rules and Regulations of the Club

iii) ensuring that all house league players who are present and dressed play an equal amount of time in all games,

iv) ensuring that facilities are left in a clean and proper condition after use,

v) ensuring that a youth player is not left unattended at a field following a game or practice     

1.8.2        Conduct:    Coaches shall ensure that

i) all players, parents/guardians and spectators associated with the team conduct themselves in a way that is consistent with the generally accepted norm of good sportsmanship

ii) their own conduct is within the parameters laid down by the Clubs Coaches Code of Conduct.

1.8.3      Ineligible Players:  Coaches shall not permit any player to participate if                     they are not registered with the Club.

1.8.4      Home Team: The first team on the schedule shall be known as the home                    team.

1.8.5     Suspension: Coaches who fail to demonstrate and promote good                                  sportsmanship by their players on or off the field risk suspension.


                The removal of any coach shall be at the discretion of the Board.


1.9    Discipline:


All discipline matters not covered in this article shall be in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the OSA

1.9.1        Committee: The club discipline committee will consist of no less than 3 appointed members of which 1 shall be the President.  The Club’s Referee in Chief shall only act as an advisor.  Minutes of the meeting shall be recorded.


1.9.2        Policy:    The following is the standard discipline policy for the club:

                i)      3 yellow cards            1 game

                ii)     2 additional cards       2 games

                iii)    1 red card                  1 game

                iv)    2 red cards                 3 games

                v)     for assault, verbal assault, violent conduct etc refer to OSA guidelines.

If a player is carded and is a referee, their duties as a referee will be put on hold until they have served their suspension.


1.9.3        Hearings:  The Club’s Referee in Chief shall establish a committee of three (3) neutral persons to hear each case and shall be responsible for the hearing, including the maintenance of all disciplinary records and the publishing of the findings of the hearing.

i)    Presence at the hearing by all parties is mandatory.  Failure to appear will result in additional punishment being awarded in absentia.

ii)    Any parties directly involved in a hearing may be accompanied by no more than three (3) witnesses.

iii)   All findings of the committee must be published and distributed to all parties directly involved in the hearing within five (5) days of the hearing.


Coaches and Others

The Club supports the City of Orillia’s RESPECT program and has a policy of Zero Tolerance. For an explanation of levels please refer to the City’s RESPECT program

1.9.4            Policy:    The following is the minimum discipline for the club:

i)     First (level 2) infraction will carry a minimum suspension of 1 month from any soccer field.

ii)    Second (level 2) infraction will carry a minimum suspension of 3 months from all city facilities

iii)   Third( level 2) infraction will carry a minimum suspension of 12 months from all city facilities

iv)   Any (level 3) infraction will result in a life-time suspension from all club activities

1.9.5            Where an infraction has occurred the following process will be followed:

i)       A game official must contact the RIC within 24hours to report an incident

ii)     A concern(other than game official) regarding a coach ,player, or spectator should be forwarded to the convenor of the division within 24 hours

iii)    If required an incident report will be completed and forwarded to the Club’s President within 72 hours.

iv)   The Club’s Discipline committee will review and the incident and decide discipline within 21 days.

v)   All findings of the committee must be published and distributed to all parties involved in the within five (5) days.


For further information from the Ontario Soccer Association please follow:

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