Club Concussion Policy

Updated Tuesday January 2, 2018 by Orillia and District Soccer.

Please see the attached file for a printable copy

In an effort to educate all players, coaches and parents about the importance of recognizing and managing a potential concussion, Orillia District Soccer Club has established a policy on concussion management. Please go to the concussion section of our website if you’d like to read more.

We are asking that all parents read and sign the following policy and remind all parents that for players under the age of 18, the primary responsibility for care resides with the parent/guardian. 

  1. I understand that any player that is witnessed sustaining a direct hit to the head or a hit to the head or body that causes a sudden jerk to the head or neck, should be considered to have a concussion based on current guidelines.
  2. I understand that in the event that any life threatening or “red flag symptoms” of concussion are seen, 911 should be called immediately:
  3. I understand that it is my role as parent/guardian to act on behalf of my child to get them the care they require following an injury and that my child should not be left alone for 24 hours following a concussion.
  4. I understand that all coaches will be supported to follow the “when in doubt, sit them out” guideline in the event there is any question about whether a player may have sustained a concussion. 
  5. I understand that the Orillia District Soccer Club will require medical clearance paperwork from an appropriate healthcare provider, before my child can return to play following a concussion.
  6. I will discuss this policy, and the “red flag symptoms” with my child and remind my child that it is important for them to let their coach know immediately if they think they may be experiencing the effects of a concussion.


Concussion Policy.pdf

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